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The Günther Obsession Continues Here’s quite a discovery: Günther actually hit the top of the Sweedish pop-charts in February of last year. In other news, while talking to Sagar, I just realized something: I use my coffee pot more often than I use … Continue reading


I’m not going to lie.

I hate to be immodest. Or maybe I just think I should be modest, and so I pretend that I want to be modest, and somehow manage to occasionally fool myself into modesty. Whatever the case may be, I’m going … Continue reading

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Well, I managed to get at least SOME of the oscars right. Tsk. I’ll do better next year. In other news, the Eurotrash Party pictures are up! Along with the pictures comes the release of PhotoAlbum 2.00. Check it out. … Continue reading

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Oscar Picks

Here’s the predictions, rated 1-5 for certainty (1– this COULD happen 5– this WILL happen): Best Leading Actor: Jamie Foxx – Ray (3)Best Leading Actress: Hilary Swank – Million Dollar Baby (4)Best Supporting Actor: Clive Owen – Closer (2)Best Supporting … Continue reading

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The Eurotrash Dance Party was a resounding success. I think we had upwards of a hundred people come through our humble quad last night, and, well, the tunes were thumpin’ and the dance floor was jumpin’ and… blather, that rhymes! … Continue reading


My syphilis has gonorrhea. Go figure.

So. I’m going to freakin’ fail my MTA218 class this semester, which is rather sad since it’s about my favorite class. Why, you ask? Because I can’t manage to haul myself out of bed before 9:00AM in the morning. I … Continue reading


Your daily Douglas Adams

So as I was reading The Restaurant At the End of the Universe, and I’ve came upon a rather clever section. It reads: “I always thought that about the Garden of Eden story,” said Ford.“Eh?”“Garden of Eden. Tree. Apple. That … Continue reading

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So I discovered an error in my script today. Comments posted by anonymous users could be deleted by any user who was not logged in. This was brought to my attention when I noticed that all of the anonymously posted … Continue reading

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Support our troops. Bring them home.

And so here’s what terrifies me: I guess it didn’t really strike me as much at the time: Bush’s administration finally announced what many of us had known for quite some time: there were no weapons of mass destruction in … Continue reading


I love myself sometimes.

So. At 9:37AM I wake up and roll out of bed. I put some clothes on, grabbed my laptop (literally just my laptop– no bag, no books, no pen, etc.), walked to class, sat down, opened up the laptop, talked … Continue reading

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