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Childhood Reflection

I never wore a watch–I never needed one to know the days were too short. Home from school at 4:00, drop the backpack, grab my boots, off into the snow, and then home again by 6:00 for dinner. Dark was … Continue reading

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I’m in an odd place. I found out today that rather than leaving for Bangkok at the end of August, I’ll be leaving on August 1st. This discovery has been unsettling and, to a lesser or greater extent, unpleasant. I … Continue reading

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My Linguistic Profile

Your Linguistic Profile: 75% General American English 10% Upper Midwestern 10% Yankee 5% Midwestern 0% Dixie What Kind of American English Do You Speak? Aight, Meekyung, let’s see how much Yankee is in your speech. =P (post your results in … Continue reading


A man was passing by a small courtyard when he heard voices and murmuring. He went in and saw an altar with a large zero in the middle and a banner that said ‘NIL.’ White-robed people were kneeling before the … Continue reading

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It’s Technology-Hates-Mark day!

So. At the time I went to bed this morning, my laptop was under a motherboard-replacement work order, my desktop was locking up every ten minutes, my Palm refused to turn on, and to heap insult on injury, my alarm … Continue reading

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In Transition

Just as a heads up, I am currently working on a new layout for, but it’s still a little ways off. In the mean time, things are going to get more ugly before they get pretty. Bear with me. … Continue reading

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Summer Plans

Just in case you’re interested or somehow don’t know, this is what I have on tap for the summer: I’ll be moving back to Cheyenne and living w/ the ‘rents. I’ll be doing landscaping for Heartland Home Builders during the … Continue reading


Why I Partied All Night

And by party all night, I mean did homework all night, ‘cuz that’s always such a party– especially when that homework happens to be the history of ancient Rome. On the upside, of course, I was writing about persecuting a … Continue reading




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On Business Majors

I always feel obligated to preface any statements or posts about business majors with a qualification that not all who have selected “business” as their major are what I refer to as “business majors.” I know quite a few individuals … Continue reading