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An angsty oblivion…

Gaa! My classes this semester SUCK! I have one good professor (or maybe I have a few good profs, and one great prof). One. Yaar! I mean, most of them are pretty accomplished (books published, one former CEO of FedEx … Continue reading


How to start out a semester…

Ah. First day of classes. Mmm. I’ve been on campus since 8:00 a.m. this morning … and it’s 2:30 now … a.m., that is. This damn Procrastinator Theatre is consuming my life! Yaar! On the positive side, though, I certainly … Continue reading

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Class Pirate

Not a classy pirate, mind you… Yaar! First day of class… going to be a long semester. One, possibly two interesting classes … must motivate self to go. Do it, Mark. Get up in the morning. Go to class. Do … Continue reading

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Firey Photos

Driving back to Bozeman tonight, I came across a forest fire, outside of Sheridan. Like any rational person, I drove straight toward the fire. The result are some rather colorful photos. By the time I made it half-way to the … Continue reading

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Granite Peak

Last weekend, Sagar, Carter, Pat and I summited Granite Peak. The Beartooths–running from central Montana down into central Wyoming–are beautiful, certainly, but I’ve never been in a more awe-inspiring mountain range. Departing Bozeman around 7:00 a.m., we arrived at the … Continue reading

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