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Hailey passed something rather clever on to me today at lunch: A student once remarked, “I knew MSU was the school for me when I skipped class because the slopes opened up and ran in to my professor at the … Continue reading

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Photos from my hike on Saturday are available here:

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Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

We re-arranged my room a little a couple days back: It’s been a great weekend (although I’m seven different flavors of sore right now). Yesterday was especially enjoyable. I took off with Mr. Ben (my R.A.) and Josh (one of … Continue reading

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All I Ask of You

Ah– what a wonderful day. I slept through my 10:00 class, not waking up until ~1:00. Once up I went and ate some food, and then eventually joined in a game of ultimate and played for a couple hours on … Continue reading

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Parallel Parking Skillz That Killz and Stuff

Parking is a bitch. Fortunately, I’ve mastered parallel parking. Don’t believe me? Check these pictures (these depict places where I’ve parked, not where I’ve been boxed in): A close up: Boo-ya. What ch’ya got on that? That’s what I thought. … Continue reading


As I was stupidly killing time in the computer lab this afternoon, I happened to come accross this blog: It’s written by an English speaking girl in occupied Iraq, and provides a small portion of “the other side of … Continue reading

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A New Direction

I came to a realization tonight that my schedule for the following semester, which leaves my evenings and weekends largely open, allows for the addition of one more thing. As I pondered this, there came two thoughts of things to … Continue reading


What a wild lazy Saturday

So… I got back from my meeting… and god only knows what I did with my time this afternoon. I went to the 4:30 showing of The Aviator– if it wasn’t 4:00AM I’d write a few words about it… and … Continue reading

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Life’s Recipe

Red Bull + Decongestants == God I’m going to be more sick in the morning, though– I can feel it already. Damn me!

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T & C Thoughts — The Role of the Unconscious

Ha. I’m excited. My T&C class rocks the house. Aside from “freak girl,” everyone seems intelligent and there’s such a good variety of different perspectives and ideas available, and Jeff, our facilitator, does an awesome job of bringing people into … Continue reading

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