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Mars the Bringer of War

Willing my car onto the “Limited Access – Pickups Only” road not too far from my house, I make a pilgrimage tonight to an old, familiar place. It’s bitter cold and–out on the prairie–utterly dark, save for the stars. A … Continue reading

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Shelter From the Storm

Good lord. I haven’t posted in so long that my own blog logged me out. My own blog! Hrm… Well, it’s been a busy few weeks. In the wake of the election … all of the work that piled up … Continue reading


Yes We Can

I think the stars are shining just a little bit brighter tonight. Perhaps its merely some anomaly of the cosmos. Or, perhaps, it’s the shining of a renewed spirit of hope–hope for America, and hope for a better, brighter future. … Continue reading

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Go Vote

Go vote! On your way to the polls, do me a favor: pull out your cellphone, and call everyone in your address book, ask them to vote, and to call their friends on the way. Not certain where to vote, … Continue reading

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The War on Truth

I received this “chart” in my email today from the McCain-Palin campaign:This chart in an outright assault on the truth. It wouldn’t even be true in the McCain-Palin “fantasy-land” where both seem to be living–where truth is based on belief, … Continue reading

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Vindicated Syndicated

My buddy William is a DJ at the local college radio station, KGLT. He recently took over the Wednesday morning, 6:00-9:00 am show, which means that he’ll have the first show after the election results come in. “I’ve prepared two … Continue reading

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