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Plateau Pirate

Yaar. Yaar! And huzzah! It’s another day in paradise. In the absence of something more witty, I suppose I ought to at least plug in a little about my life, as of late. First: being 21 rocks. It’s not even … Continue reading

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out of water

21. Er, yeah. Finally. It was a good birthday. Thanks to everyone for the gifts, for driving up from Cheyenne, for the drinks, and to everyone that stopped by to help mark the occasion. In little more than five hours … Continue reading

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be together, together again…

Ooh. That needs some attention. I look, and notice the corner of the room, along the ceiling, is quite literally crawling with bugs… flying things, crawling things, ants, moths… etc. I guess that means we might need to start shutting … Continue reading

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