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efil ecnediser

Let’s see… I suppose I’m overdue for one of those boring but obligatory personal updates. So. Without further ado… My sister, Jenny, was married on Sunday. The ceremony was, of course, beautiful–an outside wedding at a flowering and mountainous bed … Continue reading


afternoon melancholy

I drove pasta herd of antelopetoday–strong, free, proud.Spirit of the West. funny thing, thoughthese antelopethese antelope they stoodon a road, black pavement. antelope, standing quietly.on a road. but wait: yesterday i drove pasta crew of pavers.hardened, brown, sweltering in the … Continue reading

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Culturally Relevant

Here’s an empowering thought: culture isn’t static. The moment culture ceases to develop, to change, to be active and relevant, becomes little more than history. What’s more, culture is just a conglomeration of a thousand contributing members– the aggregate sum … Continue reading


the world we drive through (part ii)

There’s a notion that the world is firmly set in its course; nothing will deter us from our manifest destiny. We have visions of a sterile, technologically robust future and we feel that, come what may, we’re going to make … Continue reading



Sabres: 3Senators: 2 Over-time victory of the Sabres. I personally predict the Sabres are going to make it to the finals, but not take home the cup. We’ll see.


Embrace Transienc e – Epilogue, Darwin’s Worms

For both Darwin and Freud the idea of death saves us from the idea that there is anything to be saved from. If we are not fallen creatures, but simply creatures, we cannot be redeemed. If we are not deluded … Continue reading

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The difference between the Christian who fears and polemically attacks Harry Potter and the 5th grader who reads and enjoys the same is this: whereas the 5th grader (rightly) understands spells, witches and sorcery as belonging to the magical realm … Continue reading


A Reuben Sandwich and a Coke

I. Hate. Computers. Heh. Which makes it particularly damning to stare into the face of the reality that, in all probability, my career is going consist primarily of staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day, semi-donnishly producing … Continue reading


Semester Wrap-Up

I was totally about to post a “ou est mon pantalons?” post, but then I found ’em. Whew. That was a close one. *sign of relief* So. This is the time of the year when I, typically, would do a … Continue reading