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Chester and I danced tonight. And as we did, the world was beautiful and loved. I loved Chester, if only for his grace and poise– the flowing gait of a well-bred English Setter. We danced through the valley, and I … Continue reading

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The Lost Legend of Long’s Peak

Two things: 1) Get Shorty is a highly entertaining movie. Easily one of my favorites within the “ganster” genre. 2) I had a blood test on Friday that returned 112,000. Although this is just a little shy of a normal … Continue reading


“Lying on my back facing the cloud cluttered sky, I noticed the reddened orange sand beneath my fisted fingers was a perfect match for the angry scarlet sky above me. I asked them to get married and to make me … Continue reading

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An amusing note

I found it appropriate that “WC3” is not containted within the default Microsoft spell-check dictionary for Outlook Express 6. “What? WC3? Standards? No, thank you very much, WE set the standards!!” Last night’s electrical storm was the most amazing thing … Continue reading


Park thing Friday night

Starting at about 5:30PM tomorrow (Friday) there will be people hanging out in Lions park. There will be a couple slack lines, a frisbee or two, barbeque, and plenty of good tunes. It should be a good time. Feel free … Continue reading

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“They were savage and bitter, especially the middle-aged and the old, and had been made so by boredom and disappointment. All their lives they had slaved at some kind of dull, heavy labor, behind desks and counters, in the fields … Continue reading

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Bleed Green

Good heavens. It’s Wednesday already. Good heavens. How is it only Wednesday? Heh. I’m sure you can relate. Things have been going at about 1,000 miles an hour (well, my car tops out around 100, but even that seems like … Continue reading


Weekly update

And so, here we are, another week of summer come and gone. Another good week of summer, at that! Monday I was brutally reminded of why I want to leave Wyoming. Not to complain– most days I love working outside– … Continue reading


Party Aftermath

Thanks to everyone who came out last night! It was a smashing success. The best sober estimates put the attendance at somewhere around 80 people. Lost-My wallet-A class ring Found-A round, black hat

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Party Details

Who: You, your friends, but not your parents! What: The Anything-But-Clothes-Goes dance party/party party! Here’s the deal: don’t make plans for Saturday night, unless, of course, those plans are to be at Goetter’s house wearing anything but clothes. It just … Continue reading