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One in three elevator related deaths is a homicide

That elevator is going to be my sad undoing, I tell you. It’s just been getting progressively worse, every time they “fix” it. There were “out of order” signs on and off of it all last night, in addition to … Continue reading


Bankok Burns

There’s so much I’m troubled by… so much I don’t understand. I don’t understand the physics that allow my laptop to carry a charge of 90+ volts, or that allows my USB hub to carry 110 volts… and yet everything … Continue reading

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It’s all downhill from here…

Apparently, the car-park was full. Oh my. I hate to be the one to say it, but parking outside the car-park and fogging up the windows just isn’t as classy as pulling up inside a stall and closing the curtain. … Continue reading


Another obscene hour in the morning

I have this odd routine where, almost every night, I come down from my 6th floor room wearing running shorts and a ratty t-shirt at some obscene hour in the morning, carrying my laptop to the computer room, where I … Continue reading


The Sunflower

Author and renowed nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal died yesterday at age 96. His passing does not go without notice; may his story and legacy live on.

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Yet Another Rant

In an unrelated rant, if I were forced to evaluate Thammasat’s security, I would give it a shining 100%– nay, 110%! But in terms of resources for students? A golden goose-egg. A big fat zero. An aggrevating students should not … Continue reading


Prophetic Palahniuk

I came across a most intriguing article on the BBC’s website concerning face transplants:

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like she said — status quo

Lets see… Peter Pan performed as a ballet on Friday, followed by some (NOT DEAD!!) ska at Saxophone… Lazy saturday. Laundry, line, poker night. Yeserday I finished The Return of the King and I hereby defy every one of you … Continue reading


Raindrops kept falling on my head. But I didn’t sing a song about it. Instead, I bought an umbrella.

And the rains just keep coming. It’s really quite amazing to me. The river is some 6 or 7 feet higher than it was a week ago. No joke. This is the row of fortune-teller booths that I walk through … Continue reading


Banana Pancakes

Can’t you see that it’s just raining?There ain’t no need to go outside. but baby… Rain falls, rain fall, cars stall.Trees topple. Basements fill. Full.Traffic’s stuck and people hurry, hide,Duck, dodge. An army of umbrellas.And they say: Has it stopped … Continue reading