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Walk on the Ocean

Apparently I’m going to Bangkok. I haven’t received any of the confirmation materials from Thammasat yet, but no matter– I (finally) have a plane ticket, and I’m sure I can figure things out when I get there. Heh, realistically the … Continue reading


On Love (and other such nonsense)

Love: usually bullshit, and always a bad idea. Deep, I know. =) I can’t explain why, but as I was trying to drift asleep last night, my last conscious thought was exactly that. A clever little maxim, I think. Because … Continue reading


Mud on my shoe

God, I’m a roller-coaster, but god… it feels good to be this high. Emotionally high, that is… =) I forgot that sometimes Cheyenne has exceptionally nice nights. Nothing raises the spirits like driving down the interstate at night, windows down … Continue reading


Let there be light

Chester is wonderful. He never fails to make me smile. Every night, he locks himself in the bathroom. The door swings itself shut, and Chester is never able to resist the allure of a closed door that he can nose … Continue reading


All Because of You

I suddenly remembered why I was a film buff. It’s not because I have some great love of film, nor because of film’s capacity to move and inspire, nor because of film’s ability to to take the viewer to far … Continue reading


Suddenly Tasteless

I just finished Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, and have been set into a thoroughly odd state of mind by it. Not that my state of mind has been especially normal over the last few days… but in that vein of thought, … Continue reading

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Semester 2 GPA: 3.86 Cumulative GPA: 3.73 HIST 109D Modern Asia: A HIST 319 History Ancient Rome: A MTA 218D Internatl Film & Television: B+ UH 202 Texts & Critics: A UH 210 Mentoring Gifted Children: A This semester should … Continue reading

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Welcome Home

It’s been a few crazy and full (and computerless, to boot!) days since my last. This is the first of what I anticipate to be a deluge of posts. Some of you may remember how, when I moved to Bozeman … Continue reading


Hey, Little Ben!

This post is dedicated to Quad E’s favorite resident, Little Ben! Without further ado, let me give you a few hints on interacting with other human beings in a graceful and appropriate manner (since, your parents seem to have failed … Continue reading


A bit of my evening

For something random, I thought I’d post a bit of my evening. I found this image on Deviantart a while back, and I’m not sure why, but I love it (presumably for its title): The Burden of Imagination That aside, … Continue reading

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