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Kho Kret

On Monday I went up to Ko Kret (Kho Kred)– a small island (in the technical sense of the word– surrounded by river on all sides) on the northern side of Bangkok. The region is known for its pottery, and … Continue reading



I have a pet. A lizard. And a plant, but that’s a different story. But about my pet lizard… it’s a wonderful arrangement. He’s about two inches long, and has the uncanny ability to stick to the wall much in … Continue reading


Chiang Mai Pictures

Pictures from my Chiang Mai trip are here:

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Chiang Mai

Of course, one never thinks much about censorship unless either 1) in a political/philosophical university class or 2) being, in fact, censored. And, at present, I’m both. China has attracted a bit of press attention (that terrible, backwards Communist state! … Continue reading



As you might surmise by the recent lack of posts, I went to Chiang Mai for the weekend. I had a fabulous time, and shot entirely too many photos, but time does not allow me greater detail at the moment. … Continue reading

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A Toast to Bangkok

Bangkok is growing on me. It really is. I couldn’t say exactly why– only that, as I walked over the Pinklao bridge on my way home tonight, I found myself feeling some sort of affection for the city. And I … Continue reading


Bangkok, mon amour

or Bangkok, Closed City. Or Bangkok, Symphony of a Staggering City. Anyone recognize the theme? I saw the sun today for the first time since I arrived in Bangkok. And blue sky, above the city’s skyline. Blue sky. Sun. And … Continue reading

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Pliny 1.0

This post marks the update of my blog to Pliny 1.0. Unfortunately, due to a fix to my session-handler, you will need to log in again. New Features-Correct session handling-The ability to edit and delete your posts for seven days.-PHP … Continue reading

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