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One. This is my last. day. in Cheyenne. … … I. need. to. start. packing. Eek! — But talk about making the most of my last few days. They have just been absolutely wonderful– last night certainly was no exception. … Continue reading

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Three. And Long’s Peak was an incredible hike, the summit was absolutely worthwhile. Breathtaking. 14,255 feet. Whoo! Here’s a picture of Long’s Peak, from the base: I somehow managed to roll out of my tent by 3:30AM this morning, and … Continue reading

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Four. Long’s peak was declared non-technical this morning. Perfect timing. I’m headed out in about an hour to go camp at the base tonight. I worked my last day for Heartland today. Because today is Cheyenne Day (or Cheyenne Drunk … Continue reading

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Of course, this would be the point where I say something profound that rhymes with five. … Nothing comes to mind. Instead, I’ll lament the fact that, in the last 24 hours, I haven’t removed a single item from my … Continue reading



Six. Pick up sticks. And stones. I’ll break my bones. Just for kicks. Why? … Six. … Another weekend, come and gone. Good lord, I don’t have much to show for it. Long’s Peak has been pushed back until Thursday, … Continue reading




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   “Do I have the right so far, big man? And best of all, for you at least, you finally have the moral authority you’ve craved, and have often exercised, ever since you were very young– you used to go around … Continue reading

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Same dirt. Different day.

“Yeah. I’m not in to sports. If I found out that I had athlete’s foot, I’d think that’s not my fuckin’ foot!” -Mitch Hedberg 1) Ben. Harper. Was. Amazing. It’s quite disappointing how few people are aquanited with his music, … Continue reading

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Ya-hey. 1) My mom makes the world’s BEST strawberry-rhubarb pie. Hands down. 2) My mom also believe that Harry Potter books are bad because they discuss sorcery. 3) You win some, you lose some. 4) Right now, I’m losing. Apparently, … Continue reading