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Why did I even get out of bed this morning? I just completely screwed up my Chem141 test. I severely mismanaged my time, spending way too much time on stuff I didn’t know, which in turn meant leaving stuff I … Continue reading

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I just thought I’d share the below link with the world. Although not an especially convincing or compelling article, it still managed to challenge (even if just a little) my stance on pornography. It’s worth a read, in my opinion.

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I got out of bed at 8:54AM this morning. It’s a 5-6 minute walk to my chemistry class, which starts at 9:00. I arrived at ~9:02AM. Hurray for pajama pants and a hoodie! =)

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It’s 10:57PM and I still need to go to bed for last night. I’m headed that direction now. Although I promised that I’d upload some content, instead I found myself implementing a function to allow one to remain logged in … Continue reading

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Avoiding homework.

The wedding was beautiful! I’m supposed to be working on homework right now (good heavens, it’s going to be a late night!) so I won’t write my thoughts about the wedding right now, but I will post the link for … Continue reading

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I’ve arrived in Omaha, safe and sound. There was some turbulence during the flight from Bozeman, which was exciting, but that aside it was rather uneventful. I love not checking luggage. My dad picked me up at the airport (in … Continue reading

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I have two cows. They’re both happy.

Jill complains ad naseum that my blog lacks humor, despite the fact that she never visitis. Since I lack any original wit, in and of myself, I thought I’d post a bit of wit that I found while prowling the … Continue reading


When it’s 5:30 in Bozeman, it’s 1985 in Canada.

Good heavens. I really need to stop sucking at this whole “getting up in the morning” game. I stayed up way later last night than I had planned, largely due to the mountain dew that I drank at about midnight, … Continue reading



The view from my dorm window this morning:

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It’s Friday night (well, early Saturday morning by now), and I’m glad another week is over. This week was a little rough from an academic standpoint, in that my motivation has slipped to probably the lowest point since I started … Continue reading

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