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Tee Hee Pee

This morning, Andrew walks into the kitchen and says: “I knocked a roll of toilet paper into the toilet. … But don’t worry. I pulled it out. It’s drying, now. …” And sure enough. Later, when I went to the … Continue reading


The Angst Never Ends Pt. I

Time for some introspection… I become increasing quality obsessed. Quality of food. Quality of music. Quality of film, of literature. Of conversation. Quality of manufacture– the windows, they’re new, but rather low quality… quality of my manufacture. Quality of the … Continue reading

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something about home Pt. II

Last night, I turned on the light on my front porch, on our way out to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. I don’t know why that moment, more than any other, was particularly poignant–the simple act of turning … Continue reading

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Climbing photos

There are some photos from my last week’s climbing adventures available at

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New spring header images

I’ve uploaded 33 new header images from Spring ’07. If, for any reason, you want a particular image of you removed, let me know. Or, if you have an image you’d like to have added, please email it to me. … Continue reading


Advice for incoming honors freshman

In honor of the end of the year, I’m assembling some advice for incoming freshman– things I wish I had known when I was a freshman. If you have other items or suggestions, please add them in the comments! I … Continue reading

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Apparently the Flu makes me sentimental…

I planned for this, actually. I really DID want to get the flu, the day before finals start. Frankly, this semester hasn’t been much of a challenge. So, I figure, let’s see how finals go… with the flu! Bring it, … Continue reading