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Garnet Cabin 2009!

Consider the plight, if you will, of Gary, the out-house mouse… From 2009.02.24 Garnet Lookout 2009 Bovard, Christina and I made good use of our weekend, hiking in to the Garnet Lookout Cabin. Click on the above photo to see … Continue reading

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please allow me to take this moment to indulge my adhd

So, like 30 seconds ago, I was using a napkin to wipe the dried beer stains off the top of my laptop (how did THOSE get there?) and I was listing to the Mountain Goats, and I thought to myself, … Continue reading

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Why Milk will win Best Picture (I hope!)

At long last, I’ve finally gotten into the action on InTrade. This “predictions market” put the “efficient markets hypothesis” (the theory that, at any given time, the price of a stock or commodity reflects all available information) to the test. … Continue reading

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By reading this post, you certify that you are not Mike Phylliere, Claim Manager, MT State Fund

In a previous post, I alluded to reasons about logging in when you visit my blog. In this post, I expound. I think that part of the value of a blog is the ability to “write things you wouldn’t say.” … Continue reading


Happy Sixth Anniversary!

I just realized that, on January 27th, this blog had its 6th birthday! Just for fun, here’s the archives from January, 2003 (I was a Junior in high school):

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Ferraro’s Fine Italian Stalkers

It might prove to be a great irony if my History capstone course turns out to be the low point in my career as a student in the MSU history department. Not my performance–but rather, the worst class I’ve taken. … Continue reading