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Ugly Times and Drastic Measures

I blame Google’s new blog search ( for the recent plague of spam-in-the-comments section. It’s super cool, but as we all know, everything cool has it’s not-so-cool side. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence that, within a week or two … Continue reading


News Flash

Look, I’m going to make this perfectly clear: I don’t believe in terrorists. Your game is up. The distraction is over. I don’t believe in the threats of nuclear proliferation. I don’t believe in the danger of tyrants with weapons … Continue reading


Gender Construction

And now I begin to understand: it’s not just that the gender roles are different over here: certainly they are, but that’s not difference to be observed. It’s something more basic, more foundational. It’s not a different way to assigning … Continue reading



Indian money makes me happy. Or, rather– lest you think I’ve sunk to the depths of materialism– I should say that Indian currency makes me happy. It’s not I’m happy to have the money, but rather that I’m happy to … Continue reading


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I attended recently an inter-faith dialog on topic of “the concept of God in Hinduism and Islam in the light of sacred scriptures,” sponsored by a Muslim educational group. In a loosely structured debate, Dr. Zakir Naik of the Islamic … Continue reading


Is that BRITNEY SPEARS on the radio?

I love chai tea. Three times a day. At least. I love buying food on the street and having it served on a leaf. I love that I know more Indians who love Iron Maiden than Americans. I love being … Continue reading

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Updated Phone Number

Actually… my phone number hasn’t changed. I just figured out what you need to dial from the United States to make my phone ring. Try: +91.9880.2394.90 or, from a landline, dial 011.91.9880.2394.90. The phone system here in India– like a … Continue reading


New Photos from India

I’ve uploaded some photos from my first week in India. The photos from Hyderabad are here: Photos from Hampi are here: Hampi photos came out especially well. The color saturation of several photos has been increased, in addition to several … Continue reading


Aronofsky Soon To Be a Daddy!

Every once in a while, a little piece of information (or a new trailer) emerges for The Fountain, and fans everywhere get their hopes up. And then months pass, and there’s no news. No news whatsoever. It’s been going like … Continue reading


I Love Steak

Having spent the last month of my life eating unbelieveably tasty but primarily vegetarian food, I realize that we in the West miss out on a lot of culinary wonders by generally insisting our food have meat in it. And … Continue reading