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year to date

It rained, yesterday. For two hours, it rained. Not a monsoon rain, you. Not the I-can’t-find-a-raindrop but the-air-must-be-made-of-water sort of southeast Asia rain. No. A Rocky Mountain rain. Clean and pure. Bulging, heavy raindrops, cascading from the heavens above in … Continue reading


they mountains

the days the wind blow extra hardthe mountains look extra blue i could rhyme off that butfuck it. no. picked two blades of grass today:one brownone springi say spring buti saw green.hope. today the wind blow extra hardthey mountains is … Continue reading

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an expression of unrest

the days are fine. plenty of sunshine. plenty of things to do. three jobs now. fine. let’s juggle. we’ll juggle. what-ev. fuck a cop, hip-hop. fuck the cop that followed me for 10 minutes tonight. fuck the cop that ran … Continue reading

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glimpses of the rockies

glimpses of home Snowshoe tracks leading up to Twin Mountain Veadauwoo, Wyoming. March 21, 2006. Tenmile Peak rises spectacularly above the Dillon Reservoir Dillon, Colorado. March 13, 2006. Grand Teton towers over Jenny Lake Grand Teton National Park. July 23, … Continue reading


Consumer-class consciousness

Ok, let’s keep going: I don’t believe that prayer can change the world. I don’t believe in the power of prayer. Except one: “Oh, god, open the world a little wider.” I don’t believe in healing. I don’t believe in … Continue reading


Worth a laugh

Much to my shame, Chester (my father’s English Setter) has more musical ability than I do. It’s difficult to play the piano while he’s in the house, due to his insistence on singing along.


8 Inches! (and counting!)

And it snows and it snows and it snows. Snows down, down, down, up, up and up. Snow to high heavens. Snow from high heavens. And oh, yes, heavenly would be a good adjective. It’s been snowing steady since yesterday … Continue reading


buy africa

i spend my days thinking of inventive new ways of making myself look good on paper. and my nights delivering pizza for example, I’ve now placed 1.5pt white lines between the each of my previous employers in the work experience … Continue reading

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so, I deliver pizzas. Or, more accurately, I drive around listening to music, with pizzas in the back of my car. the money’s aight, but the tunes– ah. the music is solid. still looking for that full time job. interview … Continue reading


Hustle and Flow (2 out of 5 stars)

Mini review: (2 out of 5 stars) Hustle and Flow is an insult to the hip-hop community at large. Playing off every hip-hop stereotype and cliché, Hustle and Flow manages to be entertaining, but little more. Terrance Howard plays DJay, … Continue reading