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Is Jubelale a celebration of Hoptober? Or, is Hoptober just the perfect season for Jubelale? At long last, it’s fall. That is, at long last it feels like summer. Warm days, cool nights. The mornings aren’t crisp yet, but soon. … Continue reading

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Computer running slow? Diagnosis it here.

Diagnose 75% of common causes of computer slow-ness with one short article. If your computer is running slow, it’s likely the result of either adware or a hardware failure. Of the two, it’s far more likely to be adware. Before … Continue reading

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Deer Tick

Deer Tick is a band from Texas. This isn’t true, but pretend it is. They’re as redneck as they come–at least in appearance: Wrangler jeans, plaid, well worn t-shirts. Lead singer John McCauley sings with a conspicuous (and new) silver … Continue reading

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Emeralds + Caribou

Caught Emeralds and Caribou at The Clubhouse last night. Both blew my mind. I’ve been searching for music that fits the my “Phoenix” season in life. I think I’ve found it, with electronic / ambient / noise. Let me preface … Continue reading

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LAMP Virtualhost Backup Script

I’ve cobbled together a couple scripts to create a handy LAMP (Ubuntu) environment backup script for web servers running multiple virtual hosts. The script dumps each of your MySQL databases to a gzipped file, then backs up each sub-directory in … Continue reading

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Sunrise on the Supes

5:41 am. Sunday, October 3rd, 2010. Awaiting sunrise atop the Superstition Mounatins. Four million people, spread out in the valley below me. Yet not a soul for miles. Ed Abbey writes, Exultemus! Gloria in excelsis nihilo! In the east, the … Continue reading

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