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… boycott my latest personal crisisboycott starbucks for social justiceboycott war for peaceboycott love for hateboycott for boyscoutsboycott getting up in the morning. boycott snowboycott cold boycott being ridiculous and unfeelingboycott truth for artboycott jesus christboycott jesus christ for forgetting … Continue reading

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The Life of Pi

There’s that one cliché first-date get-to-know-ya whatever question that’s like “if you were an animal, what animal would you be?” Yeah, it’s a stupid question. I mean, let’s be honest. Who cares. You can’t be an animal, unless you’re a … Continue reading


Urge Overkill

Yo. It’s absolutely freezing in my room. Mostly because the wind is blowing like 70mph outside. No joke. Thank goodness I have a microwaved bean-bag full of warm beans (or is it rice?) draped over my feet. Otherwise, forget it. … Continue reading


2006 Year-In-Review

It’s hard to believe it’s that time again: time to wrap up the old year (2006 seems yet so new!) and welcome in the new. No! Do I have no choice? Can I stop it? Can I … keep writing … Continue reading