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Welcome Home

Well, for those of you know don’t know– I’m back. Well, no, check that– I’m not. Officially, I return on Friday. Brandon is throwing a party for me: if you want to see me, find Brandon’s house in Laramie on … Continue reading


Bad News

Link: South Dakota bans abortion On Wednesday, the 22nd of February, the state of South Dakota banned nearly all forms of abortion. The ban rejects exceptions, even in the case of rape or incest. In a statement from the Planned … Continue reading

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Good News

Thai PM Taksin announces snap election As a friendly reminder that people DO have a voice, Thailand’s (seemingly) corrupt and lavishly rich Prime Minister Taksin Shinawatra has been forced by mounting opposition to announce declare a snap election for April. … Continue reading

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An atypical post

Heh. I don’t usually post this sort of thing, but this made me laugh. A lot:

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From Singapore

Did I mention how much I love Singapore? It’s… what? It’s like… an American oasis in the middle of the Asian-Pacific region. Heh. And, well, I’m American. So it feels rather like home. And that’s a good feeling, sometimes. Especially … Continue reading


About Bangkok

I realized, just last week, that my problem with Bangkok (or Thammasat, rather) wasn’t Bangkok. It was me. It’s like this: I went to Bangkok for all the wrong reasons. Talking to other people that have travelled to Thailand, I … Continue reading

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I’m working on a new feature for the blog, at present, that will automatically record everything interesting that I do (heh, well, that feature is easy, since I don’t really do anything all that interesting) and catalogue my thoughts. Heh. … Continue reading

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VX2 or something painfully like it

Well, to a lay person, there may not seem like much different between dir *.dll and del *.dll, but if you’re a computer guy, you’ll notice a subtle and, oh, rather important difference. Especially when you run that command in … Continue reading


Smile more. Make anger expensive.

The lappy is, officially, dead (see: doesn’t turn on). Again. =) Some dude just rode past the internet cafe on a horse, smoking a cigarette. Which makes me laugh. And the power is out, yet again. Thankfully, the internet cafe, … Continue reading

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Taking back the streets

I can now cross “get hit by a car” off my list of things to do before I die. Heh. I had the iPod on and wasn’t paying much attention anyway as I walked down the road back to my … Continue reading