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It’s like 2, outside.

In high school, we used to facetiously talk about the weather, any time it was a little cold and we didn’t feel like going outside, by saying “No way, man. I’m not going out. It’s like … two, outside.” Usually, … Continue reading

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forget your meds

That settles it. I’m pretty much dead. I just want to sleep… but I have lots of stuff I need to do … it’s not even stuff I’ve been putting off–it’s stuff I just haven’t had the time to do. … Continue reading

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MSU: 423 – Students: 0

(The following is completely inappropriate and out of decorum. Please do not read it.) we’re getting SCREWED on the SUB (our Student Union Building). Admittedly, the University is paying 9m of the 27m renovation costs, but even that number doesn’t … Continue reading


Pre-Turkey Post

Headed home for Thanksgiving … and a great cause for thanks-giving that is! I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends. And … looking forward to getting away from MSU and Bozeman for a few days. And … strangely, looking … Continue reading

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Paris, Je T’aime Review

Paris, Je T’aime: Small Neighborhood Romances (**** / *****) Paris, Je T’aime is an experiment: a compilation of short films, each written and directed by a different director, with a common theme: Paris. It’s rare for a film to maintain … Continue reading

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SNOWING!!! About FREAKING time. It’s only the 11th of November– and we’re already getting our second snow. And by “it’s only”, I mean we should have been buried waist-deep in snow for weeks already. But oh– it’s snowing. No– better! … Continue reading

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Another of Life’s Firsts

Strangely, this afternoon I’ve felt rather … drunk? Sleep deprived? I can’t quite put my finger on it. Probably, I just need some food. I don’t usually skip meals but when I woke up this morning at 11:05 a.m. for … Continue reading

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Where is Life’s Pawn Shop?

Somebody loan me some TRUTH! Somebody loan me some focus .. some singularity of vision! Some help, here. Somebody. Anybody…

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