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Hylight Peak Photos, Fall 2006

Patrick and I climbed Hylight Peak this morning (and in to the afternoon), which, of course, was fantabuloustacular. Now I need a shower. But in the meantime, here’s some photos: Enjoy. =)


5-String Guitar Method

Hope tells me, “do something 14 times and you’ll make it a habit.” So, I’m making habits. Like doing my math homework. Yeah, Mrs. Kassel, you get the last laugh on that one. I’m not saying I’d take back all … Continue reading


and The moon’s Celestial Highness

I kinda just want to chill out and listen to the Beatles, yeah? Well, maybe it’s just that I’ve got “Ticket to Ride” stuck in my head. But wouldn’t that be the way to spend the afternoon? Just to put … Continue reading

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sans title

Already I gain a certain presentiment that this semesester I may frequently be presented with the choice between maintaining a social life and maintaining a high GPA. As the clock ticks towards 4:00am, I realize that I’ve manged my time … Continue reading