Monthly Archives: November 2006


Well, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. It’s a little bit late, I suppose, but I passed a generally happy Thanksgiving, so … consider that to be more of a statement of condition than a recommendation. I had a happy thanksgiving. That’s what … Continue reading


Dell Ambivalence

Ah, my love/hate relationship with Dell continues. Wednesday afternoon, my power adapter randomly broke. Which made me hate Dell. But then, I called Dell’s technical support, spoke to a very nice and exceptionally woman named Kalpana, and by 10:00 the … Continue reading


Hear me roar

Hoary frost. My window, this morning, was covered with hoary frost. Granular crust. My eye, my left eye, this morning was covered with granular crust. Functional literacy. It’s amazing how many college students can’t figure out how to work the … Continue reading


An exercise in futilty

So. I just cleaned my laptop screen. Which is blog worthy because, well, this is the second time, in two and a half years of ownership, that I’ve actually cleaned my screen. I mean, I used Windex and a paper-towel … Continue reading


french merchantilism and stuff

So… I realize that I drank two Red Bulls and the better part of a pot of coffee this morning in a span of about three hours. THEN… I tried to play my guitar with my teeth. Uh, yeah. It … Continue reading