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Random thoughts while packing

I’ve built a citadel out of cinder blocks! … Packing vs. never moving vs. not having any “stuff.” … Hrm. … Perhaps packing is like childbirth–one tends to discount how painful it’s going to be, until it’s too late, and … Continue reading

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The Great Alaskan Adventure

Pat picked me up at the airport, ’round midnight, last night. I’d just flown from Anchorage, via Seattle. The flight home was an efficient, six-hour ordeal. But how, you ask, did I end up in Anchorage in the first place?The … Continue reading


Personal update

What follows below is a personal update, copied from an email sent to a professor who has encouraged and challenged me over the past two years. I thought it might be of general interest to those who read this blog … Continue reading

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Day Two

Day two of our Alaskan adventure! Progress is slowed by a veritable blizzard. We holed up in Fort Saint John (BC), hoping for better weather. Our hopes are disappointed–and we drive north in an hour. With any luck, we’ll outrun … Continue reading

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Say, if you Twitter (and I’m not already following you), post your username in the comments!

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An unrememberable event!

Graduation throw-down tonight. Show up early for outdoor activities (slackline, etc), or late for simple insanity. All of the usual shenanigans. Also: the opportunity to burn school papers and your extra furniture. For directions, click here. For those who missed … Continue reading

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the worst party ever

It’s 2:00 am on a Thursday night. Everyone in the house is up. The only open beer is the half-full glass sitting near my computer–left over from dinner. No one else is drinking. The Wii is off, and no one’s … Continue reading

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