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National Day of Mourning

President Bush (love the man! …) has declared Tuesday (2-Jan-07) as a national day of mourning for the loss of a former international leader. President Bush actually had former President Gerald L. Ford in mind, but I’m thinking about someone … Continue reading

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I’m not one of those…

… “damned environmentalists!” … Ok… maybe I am. Regardless! Jade’s right: there are many other solutions to the environmental problems facing our generation. A big first step would be the radical reduction of carbon dioxide belching coal-fired electrical plants. Another … Continue reading


Why I am a Vegetarian

As part of my present period of hiatus, I’m taking time to renew some of my principles, including the fact that I am a vegetarian. I have been for nearly five months. For those don’t fully understand my decision, allow … Continue reading


Like the Bush regime…

… I’m DONE!. SO done. Done like tofurkey after three hours in the oven. Done like Brooks– as in … brooks & dunn? Oh noes. Seriously, I’m done. Done like too many dunn similes. (disclaimer: the rest of this post … Continue reading


Sometimes I feel like a human

Man, I guess I’m overdue for a post. Well, go figure. I guess I’m overdue for some quality time with my bed, too (really, its hard on our relationship when I only get to see her for a few hours, … Continue reading

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