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I once read a parable given by The Buddha, which went something like this: To carpet the entire forest floor and make it soft for the foot is a great task. How much better to rendered the forest soft by … Continue reading

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Thoughts while brushing my teeth

A roommate in college (Bovard) would often complete his entire morning routine with toothbrush in mouth, wearing just his bath towel. Sometimes the internet (or other shiny distractions) would intervene–and I don’t doubt if some mornings Bovard brushed his teeth … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Phoenix

Phoenix. I’ll be honest: I moved here for a job. Though there are some big cities I’d love to live in (New York, London, Portland), Phoenix isn’t one of them. That said, I’m discovering that Phoenix deserves more credit than … Continue reading

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enter title here

I got tired of not having a blog. This isn’t at all ready for prime time, but here it is. If you find yourself reading something you don’t feel you should be reading–please, do us both a favor: stop.

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