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Open letter to Sen. John McCain

I’m not in the habit of writing letters to my elected representatives–if only because I generally prefer watching movies or climbing mountains to writing letters, and I certainly do not expect any letter to make one lick of difference. (Want … Continue reading

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Start Shouting

At a stoplight yesterday I pulled up behind a car with an “Ouck Fbama” bumper sticker, and I just about lost my shit. There might have been an incident of road rage, if not for Sagar being in the car, … Continue reading

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Weird Expectations

Going home in invariably weird. Or, at least feels weird.¬† Inevitably, the conversation, at some point, turns to “how weird is it that …” How weird is it that Brandon is married? How weird is that we all have real … Continue reading

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Scottsdale vs. The World

A list: what makes Scottsdale unlike anywhere else I’ve lived: Nobody cleans their own house. Or mows their own lawn Nobody changes their own oil–much less does their own auto repair There’s a dry cleaners in every shopping complex There … Continue reading

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