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To do list

Recommended reading: In short: don’t believe hopeful, happy images coming from Pakistan. The country is suffering greatly, and any and all attempts at aid are falling pathetically short, especially with regards to the government’s involvement. The country needs your support, … Continue reading

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Stack It Up Again

–! I just knocked over a 2″ high stack of coins (which I stacked up earlier this morning). Heh. And then I restacked them into 2 1″ stacks. Small wonder I can’t manage my time. Have I mentioned? That’s how … Continue reading

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So, right now, I’m in Pattaya with the Thammasat debate group. Pattaya is, more or less, the top tourist destination in Thailand– it’s especially popular with Scandinavians, but generally popular with Europeans as a whole. Heck, I might as well … Continue reading


And we both go down together

Last night was profoundly stupid. We’ll see how things pan out. But one positive thing did come out of last night: proof that, to Asians, all white people look the same. Location: Santika (another flashy, anonymous Bangkok worn-red-carpet-entrance club, the … Continue reading

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Cambodia Pictures

Here’s the first half of my photos from Cambodia:Photos from Cambodia I actually have all of them uploaded, but Gallery screwed something up, and I haven’t had to time to figure out exactly what. I’ll post when I get the … Continue reading



ya hey. So… I’m chilling in the coolest internet cafe ever, sipping a tasty americano, playing yahoo pool against nam pueng. Seriously– this place is swank. It’s a converted house, now equipped with comfy couches, modern art, good tunes (American, … Continue reading

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On a happier note

Ha. I don’t know whether to disparage Dell over my laptop’s second motherboard failure, or to praise them for their prompt and hassle free service. Regardless, I feel bad for them– at at least $400 per, the two motherboards that … Continue reading

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re: numb

In re: mute (two posts previous) When I posted, as per the BBC, the US had only given $100,000 in relief funds. I am aware that, since then, the US has allocated $20 million and pledged up to $50 million … Continue reading



Over 19,000 people confirmed dead, with 42,000 people injured, and countless people still trapped under millions of tons of rubble or suddenly homeless, separted from family, in need of medical attention… and the benevolent United States has allocated $100,000 in … Continue reading


more cambodia

Friday was spent, from 5:00AM to about 4:00PM, visiting the various Angkor temples. Sunrise at Ankgor Wat One of over 200 enigmatic faces at Bayon temple: Ta Phrom temple has not been restored, and the resulting fusion between 12th century … Continue reading

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