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She’ll Hang the Baskets

It happens every once in a while that, listing to a song I’ve heard a hundred times, I’ll suddenly be struck by it profundity. Cake’s Tougher Than It Is, for example. The chorus (some people like to make life / … Continue reading


Avoiding Homework…

This might be the first time this semester that I’ve posted here simply because, well, if I wasn’t posting, I wouldn’t have a good excuse to not to do homework. Needless to say, this post has been long over-due. =) … Continue reading


Bangkok Marathon

After months of training, my roommate Josh ran the Bangkok marathon this morning. He ran very well (especially considering that this is his first marathon), coming just a second shy of his school record at 2 hours, 37 minutes 42 … Continue reading

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To Do With Nothing

Here’s a random, vacuous post for ya: I was arrested (heh) by a most interesting sensation today. Stealing wireless internet outside the Dome building on campus today, I had been sitting in a lotus-esque position with my laptop well beyond … Continue reading

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Cannery Row

Today has been completely non-productive, but ultimately rather enjoyable just the same. I remember vaguely thinking something to the effect of “I’d better fall asleep quick, or the sun’ll be up before I’m asleep” around 5:40 this morning… or some … Continue reading


Loi Krathong

Last Wednesday was Thailand’s annual Loi Krathong festival: a holiday for dedicated to the rivers– mae naam, mother water— expressing gratitude for its life-giving renewal, and apologizing for using it and polluting it. The holiday is celebrated by setting krathong … Continue reading

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Ayudthaya Pictures

Last weekend Nam Pueng took me to her “village home” in Ayudthaya, which is 80km or so north of Bangkok. The trip itself was enjoyable, and I especially enjoyed feeling like I was actually in Thailand. There are pictures here: … Continue reading

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As the holiday season approaches (or so my calendar says– you wouldn’t know it here!), I guess it’s time for me to announce I will not be participating in Christmas this year, for several reasons. Obviously, there is the logistical … Continue reading


Live in Quad E in 2006-2007!

When I return to Montana State in the fall of 2006, I will live on campus, hopefully in Quad E. And if you’re reading this, odds are that I’d like you to live there, too. Here’s a few of my … Continue reading


Thai Cuisine, or How to Cook With a Blowtorch

As much as I often sometimes (ok– often) complain about my classes here, I must count myself as being so grateful that I’m not in any of the many other classes that I walk past where the teacher sits at … Continue reading