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Five inches of fresh snow!

Found on The Daily Show website: “I don’t know a lot about waterboarding, but my knowledge of general science and basic comprehension tells me it’s probably a warmer version of snowboarding, and snowboarding has never produced an ounce of useful … Continue reading

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Album versus CD setlists

1. Set up the slackline in the yard. Sixty foot span. Tight as a drum skin. 2. Met the neighbors–in more of a hang out and talk sense than a say “Hello–what’s your name?” 3. $2 pints at Specs with … Continue reading

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Happy Spring!

Friday: a solid foot of snow covered the ground. My peers and I bundled against the cold, hurried from class to class–building to building, heads down and feed trudging under dreary, snow-spitting sky. A hearty few rode their bikes. Most … Continue reading

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My Best Girl

So, I’ll be honest with you. It’s Wednesday, April 15th, 2009. And I’m writing this because I have nothing–absolutely nothing–else that I need to be doing. Sure, sure. I have things I could be doing. Projects, coming due in the … Continue reading

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Observe this Robbin:He’s confused. Really confused. It’s April 15th. Three days ago, it was 65 degrees. I rode my motorbike. Wearing flip-flops. Three days ago, this would have been fine! The lifts were still open, and snow was always still … Continue reading

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How to fix a bum dryer: a cautionary tale

I will now accept my honorary degree in Electrical Engineering. (By the by, if you are a potential employer reading this post … please consider my other talents and abilities. For examples, I can play the guitar solo for “Man … Continue reading


A mold, cold Catch-22

So here’s something interesting: a house needs to be well-ventilated, or it will grow mold like that’s its dirty business. Last November, the three of us were concerned with our heating bills, so we went out and bought plastic for … Continue reading

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