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Dreams may come

In that ethereal world between waking and sleep, I hear the low, crescendoing rumble of an airplane. The power is out; has been out; the darkness is profound. The power-outing storm swells against my window. If not for the growing … Continue reading

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Chapter 19

After our early dinner, I strolled out alone. .. As I passed the church, I felt a sublime compassion for the poor creatures who were destined to go there, Sunday after Sunday, all their lives through, and to lie obscurely … Continue reading

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her room of lights

Apparently, I was supposed to register for classes … like last Tuesday. Oops. Fortunately, none of the classes I want to take are filled up. Unfortunately, the reason none of the classes are filled is because, well, no one really … Continue reading


Jenny and Tory

For those of you who don’t already know (and are, for some reason, interested, =P), my sister, Jenny, is getting married on May 28th to Tory McJunkin. Wedding details can be found at I post this link not because … Continue reading


lived near a busy street

Accident on Dell Range tonight. Why I drove down Prarie, not Dell Range, I don’t know. Of no consequence. Saw the lights flashing on Dell Range; saw the traffic stopping, stopped. Can’t go that way. Spilling pizza turning on the … Continue reading

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