lived near a busy street

Accident on Dell Range tonight. Why I drove down Prarie, not Dell Range, I don’t know. Of no consequence. Saw the lights flashing on Dell Range; saw the traffic stopping, stopped. Can’t go that way. Spilling pizza turning on the wrong street pausing Live in Buffalo answering my cell phone. Almost. Damn. Missed the call. Call back. Hi, mum. Yeah. You’re going to need the cable that connects your camera to your TV. It’s upstairs in the desk drawer with all your other camera stuff. No, not the one with flat ends. It looks like…

Hang up the phone, deliver the pizza, thanks for the tip. Think to myself: accident in the west bound lane. I’m east-bound, won’t be held up. … Makes sense, this time of day. Sun’s going down. Can’t see shit. Dangerous to be driving. Going up a hill, must not have seen the oncoming car…

I can take Dell Range. Rather than going back around.

Approaching the hill, seems like things are cleared away. Good. Couldn’t have been that bad. Thank god. No, wait. Van cresting the hill in front of me is slowing down. Foot, brakes. Oh, no. Nothing’s cleared away. Firetrucks, cops. –? Gaping black hole into a used-to-be livingroom. Must have been a fire, not an accident. Fire makes sense. apartments–>lower income–>fire danger. I used to mow that lawn. Wait? Did they have to break through the wall? That doesn’t make sense.

No, that’s wrong. Then I see the car they pulled out from the apartment.

Oh, god. There’s a car. Suspended in the air by a tow-truck. Totaled car. Oh no. See the path of broken fences, wide and straight, to their living room. Gaping hole. Gaping black hole. Someone’s living room.

Maybe they were still at work. No, shit. It’s 7:13. Maybe dinner in the front. Maybe they were out. Hope they were out hope they were out hope they were out

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