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Existential Winners

Two-hundred and fifty dollars to take the GMAT? Good heavens! … I guess I better do it right the first time. And … for some reason, MSU doesn’t offer the GMAT at its testing center. That doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t … Continue reading

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Existential Losers

Did anyone else find a little ironic John McCain’s insistence during Friday’s presidential debate that he “never won the Miss Congeniality award in the senate” when, of course, his running mate actually did win “Miss Congeniality” in the Miss Alaska … Continue reading

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Cortisone Cadaver

It took a few days for last week’s cortisone shot to kick in (a rather cool procedure … they put you on a slab and run a live x-ray machine to help the doctor guide the needle in to the … Continue reading

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Super Mario Brothers!

Well, the new semester is officially rip-roaring away. I realized this on Thursday when I showed up to my History 407 class. I knew that there was a paper due some time … and to see all the neatly typed … Continue reading

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Syllabus Week

Ah, syllabus week. That wonderful first week of school when the class routine consists of showing up, calling role, handing out the course syllabus, and enduring the indignity of having the syllabus read aloud to you by the course professor. … Continue reading


Trig Paxson van Palin

In re: the Hurricane Gustav of the blogosphere: the scurrilous rumors surrounding Sarah Palin and her fifth-born child, Trig Palin. Edit 2 – 1:34pm, 1 Sept 2008: Barack Obama has condemned the explosive attention to the emerging Bristol Palin pregnancy … Continue reading


Sarah Palin? Oh my! Oh noes!

This presidential election has just taken a turn for the sinister. As excited as I am about Barack Obama (and now Joe Biden), I’ve hitherto felt that John McCain being elected would NOT be the end of the world. Well, … Continue reading

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