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note to self

today:2:10am – bed6:00am – shower6:30am – reading8:30am – on-campus. library –> work11:00am – class12:45pm – econ mid-term2:00pm – class3:00pm – work12:00am – off-campus –> social? objectives:-submit uh400 questions-econ re-cram session-finish 100 pages: Amusing Ourselves to Death, 90 pages Understanding Popular … Continue reading

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Mozilla Firefox 2!

Firefox 2 is now available. Based on my first ten minutes with it, I’m absolutely thrilled. It’s packed with awesome new features– features that I’ve been wanting, such as better RSS handling (I can now add RSS feeds directly to … Continue reading



Catching snowflakes is such a singularly beautiful human endeavor… (Especially when it has just started snowing–) Thick, heavy flakes– that fall with a certain, profound serenity, in a thick and muting deluge… Mmm. To live in Bozeman is such an … Continue reading

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Oil Companies: Profiteering on Hurricane Katrina?

Every time I go to the gas station these days, I’m possessed by an unshakeable feeling of being cheaply used. As the gas prices fall precipitously (which, curiously, doesn’t quite make the news, with detailed analysis, quite like the prices … Continue reading

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Kennewick Man And The Caucasian Faux-Pas

Background information on Kennewick Man is available here. — When two men, watching boat races on a lazy July afternoon along the Columbia River, happened upon a set of exposed bones, it’s unlikely that they could have apprehended how important … Continue reading

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Batman Begins, the Flood Again

(14-Oct-06 – Draft 0) Batman Begins could very easily take the form of a modern reinterpretation (or retelling) of the Biblical story of the flood. Those more familiar with the Batman comics than I might point out that Old Testament … Continue reading


North Korea – A Nuclear Poser?

Curiously, the wording of headlines concerning North Korea’s alleged nuclear detonation are exactly that– the possibility or claim of a nuclear blast. The Western media has been very remained insistent that North Korea may have detonated a nuclear bomb– despite … Continue reading


Name that picture

This week’s contest: What is this an image of? The contest runs … until I post next?



I slept outside last night. Which totally would have been a good thing, except for the fact that I slept through my alarm and, subsequently, my first class and an hour of work. Sheesh. That’s been something of a theme … Continue reading

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