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Christmas in a picture

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Since Hyderabad, we’ve been through Hampi, Bangalore, Kollum, and are now settled and enjoying the beachs at Varkala. Apologies that I’ve been less than communicative– we’ve covered a lot of kilometers, in a rather short amount of time. Needless to … Continue reading

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Arrived in Hyderabad at 7:40 this morning, despite nearly missing my flight (my wake-up call came an hour late) and the pilot nearly missing the end of the runway (heh– our Boeing 747-800 came to a screeching halt some 20 … Continue reading


Quick update

In Kolkata, alive and well. I leave for Hyderabad at 5:40AM tomorrow. I’m completely overwhelmed. It will likely to a while before I’m able to collect my thoughts or post them; I’m painfully watching the battery life disappear on all … Continue reading

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Volunteer Placement

It looks like I may actually leave Bangkok one of these days. According to the original plan, I would have already been in India by now… rather than waiting outside the Indian Embassy in Bangkok. Oh well. These things take … Continue reading


Foolhardy Optimism

New drink of choice: Coke & RedBull. The RedBull here in Thailand (the original, before some brilliant Austrian tourist came to Thailand and said “gee, this would be really good, if it was carbonated” and then introduced it to the … Continue reading


To Everyone in Montana

Enjoy your -6 degree weather. But hey– at least it’s going to warm up into the single digits today. A high of 7 degrees! In the mean time, I’ll keep working on my tan. 82 today, 86 on Friday, and … Continue reading


A Short Narration

It becomes an obsession. Becomes an obsession. An Obsession. Obsession. Narrated in a deep and raspy voice, haggard almost:—How did I end up here, living in the future? I’ve said this before: maybe a dozen times to some. And yet … Continue reading