Monthly Archives: June 2006

Lick a rock

Hope, you may be appalled. And William, you may well approve. But: the floor in my room is littered with the brass casings of .22 shells. Or, the floor in my room near my window, that is. Yeah, I’m still … Continue reading


Give me a bumper sticker.

Mean …Senile people suck! Heh. Can I say that? No, I suppose not. I mean, she’s my grandmother and all. But it’s just that, well, she’s always been ornery (what a great English word!), but now… god help us, she’s … Continue reading


Curious Degrees of Difference

Man. Being sick is miserable. Heh. It’s curious, really, how two degrees difference in the temperature under one’s tongue can humble one from running miles to agonizing over trivial distances. Huh. I return from Duluth with a single poignant question: … Continue reading


I am sorry to say…

that Your people I do not understandSo to you I wish to put and endAnd you’ll never hear surf music again. er… no. Thanks, Jimi. That’s actually exactly what I had in mind. But no. rather, that I’m leaving you. … Continue reading


Tonight’s Theological Conundrum

Question: If there was no sickness or disease in the Garden of Eden and if it was God’s plan that we should live in the Garden, in fellowship with him for all eternity, then why does the human body have … Continue reading