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It’s Never Too Late to Give Up!

Oh. School. Right! Actually, after my first few bona-fide hours of studying, I’m reminded: “oh, yeah. This is why I’m in school. Learning is actually… yeah. It’s good stuff.” Which is good, after a weekend of thinking “God, I don’t … Continue reading

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MOU Report finished … coming up for air!

I saw sunlight again, today, for the first time in a long time… That’s more of a manner of speaking than reality, of course, but it certainly feels like I’ve been under water for … two months now? I’ve had … Continue reading

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Might be a personal record for coldest day ever.

Speaking of snow and such … it’s currently -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Today’s expected high is -1. We’re not even going to get above zero today, before we start heading back down … to negative 19 degrees. It’s really pretty outside, … Continue reading

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A romp in the snow!

Whoo! That was such a solid adventure. I went out around 3:00 am this morning, and noticed what a beautiful night it was. It’s been snowing for the last 48 hours without interruption–over two feet at Bridger Bowl. And it … Continue reading

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Week Zero

That sounds … rather more dramatic than week one. “Ooh. What is week zero,” my potential reader will wonder, and click on the link in his/her RSS aggregator. Imagine his/her disappointment, however, when s/he discovers that “week zero” is only … Continue reading

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Post Phoenix

Hmm. Scottsdale. Was nice. Couple nice sunsets. That’s bonus points in my book. Tonight’s was particularly spectacular–an expansive and clear desert sky filled with gradients of yellow to orange, pale blue to dark, set behind the sihouttes of Camelback mountain, … Continue reading


MacWorld and Alternative Rock

Christmas only comes once a year. And for those of us who are incorrigible Mac fanboys, Christmas this year will arrive on January 14th. That’s right … tomorrow is the first day of MacWorld, which means new Apple devices, another … Continue reading


Two-Thousand and Eight

If there’s one thing in life to be desired, that thing is quality. If there’s a second thing to be desired, I would suggest irony–something for the soul, and something for the cynic. Quality … has become something of an … Continue reading

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