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Everyone Loves to Hate on Microsoft

The top of my search history right now is “notepad alternative that won’t lose my shit when the power goes out.” I REALLY love Notepad–it’s simple, light-weight, and focused–except when the power goes out, and I lose all of my … Continue reading

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Computer running slow? Diagnosis it here.

Diagnose 75% of common causes of computer slow-ness with one short article. If your computer is running slow, it’s likely the result of either adware or a hardware failure. Of the two, it’s far more likely to be adware. Before … Continue reading

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LAMP Virtualhost Backup Script

I’ve cobbled together a couple scripts to create a handy LAMP (Ubuntu) environment backup script for web servers running multiple virtual hosts. The script dumps each of your MySQL databases to a gzipped file, then backs up each sub-directory in … Continue reading

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personally assigned corporate identifier

If I were more motivated, I’d write this up into a white paper. But here’s the basic idea: Banks and other entities that deal with sensitive (especially financial) information often require that their customers specify a “passphrase” (mother’s maiden name, … Continue reading

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