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Another random thought

As I was reading Kindred (a dreadfully banal pseudo-science fiction book for my T&C class) I was struck by one of the characters responding “no” when asked “are you alright.” This struck me because, although I’ve heard people say no … Continue reading


Creative story thing results

Well, the results are in for the “I Planned For This” story endings. (See: In order of appearance, the authors are:MyselfBubien, the real authorMeekyungBovard Thanks for everyone who contributed an ending! In my T&C class I managed to beat … Continue reading

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Version 2.995

Blog has reached version 2.995. There has been a minor interface revision and the links page is up as well.

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More from the Walmart rampage

JadeRobbins wrote:Yeah but you sit on your ass and surf the Internet all day for your job. Remember Mark, some people think that money will just appear into people’s hands, but no that doesn’t happen, it would have to come … Continue reading


A Case of the Mondays

It’s 8:36AM on a Monday morning. I don’t have any obligations until 9:00AM, and yet I’m up, showered, and have enough free time to post on my blog. This is terrible. Well, like I said: it’s Monday morning. It must … Continue reading

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Walmart. Ug.

Since I frequently include my blog in outside discussions, I figure it’s about time to include an outside discussion in my blog. Just because it’s interesting, here’s a bit of conversation from a work discussion about Walmart closing down a … Continue reading

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I Planned for This

So here’s the challenge: for my T&C class everyone was given a short story, and instructed to write the ending. The real ending had been cut off. So we’ll bring our endings in and put them in a pile (along … Continue reading


On Lieing

Lies, I realize, are highly pragmatic. This realization came during a discussion of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, in which the main character, Billy, is a PTSD victim who survives many of the hardships in his life by creating a fanciful … Continue reading



Come, Muse, and sing the song of journey. Sing ye of bright-eyed Odysseus,Man of Pain, setting sail for yonder Troy,Of Private Numeral, auspicious, would-beFather, setting sail for our desTroy.Glory and Pride of the Nation. Sing ye of new beginning: the … Continue reading

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Damn the Man!

Good heavens. I guess I learn something new every day. Today’s lesson: credit card companies are nasty things. So here was my mistake: in December, I paid off my tuition with my credit card, effectively maxing my card out at … Continue reading

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