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So as I was reading The Restaurant At the End of the Universe, and I’ve came upon a rather clever section. It reads:

“I always thought that about the Garden of Eden story,” said Ford.
“Garden of Eden. Tree. Apple. That bit, remember?”
“Yes, of course I do.”
“Your God person puts an apple tree in the middle of a garden and says, do what you like guys, oh, but don’t eat the apple. Surprise, surprise, they eat it and he leaps out from behind a bush shouting ‘Gotcha.’ It wouldn’t have made any different if they hadn’t eaten it.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re dealing with somebody who has the sort of mentality which likes leaving hats on the pavement with bricks under them you know perfectly well they won’t give up. They’ll get you in the end.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Never mind. Eat the fruit.”

This is brillient. Why else would God place the forbidden fruit in the garden, if not to play his “gotcha games?” Doubtless, had Adam & Eve managed to resist the temptation of the forbidden fruit, God would have found something else to trick them with– alas, such is God’s nature, is it not?

As long as I’m thinking of The Hitchhiker’s Guide, I might as well post this:
I hate to say it… but this doesn’t bode well for the success of the movie.

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