I’m not going to lie.

I hate to be immodest. Or maybe I just think I should be modest, and so I pretend that I want to be modest, and somehow manage to occasionally fool myself into modesty. Whatever the case may be, I’m going to take a momentary break from my traditional modesty and talk about how great I am.

Heh. Just kidding. Well, mostly.

Today has been just wonderful. I got up on time this morning, did some homework, met with my T&C fellow (who’s just about the coolest guy ever– he’s a hard-core hippie stats prof who used to sell grass on Okinawa (the same island that my parents were stationed on, a year or two after he left) while in the military in the early 70’s. The long and short of it is that he spoke very well of my last project (I wrote a screenplay where Faustus (from Goethe’s Faust), Odysseus and Billy Pilgrim (from Vonnegut’s Slaugherhouse-Five) meet and, well, talk about war) and proposed that we have the class perform it on our next free day. The idea scares me– I’m not sure why. Probably because I think it sucks and I know that there’re several other individuals in my class that have far more screenwriting ability than I do, and I’d rather forgo their judgment. Regardless, that made me happy.

From there I went to my Hist 319 class and received my test back from last week. Despite only getting a 30% on the map portion of the test (I lost my map to study from), I (the only freshman in the class) managed to pull off an A on the test. Rock on.

After history, I went to lunch, where they were serving New York style hotdogs, complete with sauerkraut, onions, etc. My hotdog was amazing. I don’t exaggerate to say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten at FoodService (which really isn’t saying much, but…).

Now I’m at work, where I get to hang out for the next few hours and read Kafka’s Metamorphosis that I’ll be facilitating tonight in my T&C class.

Outside, the sun is shining and it’s warm. The mountains, from my view in the third floor of Reid hall, loom off in the distance: precipitous and blue. I even happened to hear a bird singing as I walked to work.

Ah, what happy days these are!

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