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2012: Year in Review

2012 was a good year, full of activity. This spring I canyoneered or climbed or adventured almost every weekend until moving from Phoenix in May. Then, I travelled to Sweden, and throughout the Rocky Mountains until September. In September, I … Continue reading

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Rewriting the Gospel (a.k.a. Wikipedia)

It snowed last night. Only about an inch–but it’s cold, so that inch will likely stick through the day. What an amazing place I live. The snow comes to ME. I don’t have to GO anywhere to see snow. Rode … Continue reading

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Going Native

After two decades away, I’ve returned to Colorado. That seems a little silly to say, given that I’m only 26. But, I must have been born with something of Colorado in my blood, in that Fort Collins hospital, all those … Continue reading

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Written Identity

The English language affords three primary ways of claiming identity: I ______ (verb). E.g. I swim. I am ______ (adjective). E.g. I am tall. I am a/the ______ (noun). E.g. I am a swimmer. In written English, one establishes and … Continue reading

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On Life, Expectations, and America

Imagine that, in life, one paints oneself (or one’s life, rather) upon a canvas. One paints legs of adolescense. A torso of family and career. Arms of offspring, accomplishments. A head formed at leisure in retirement, crowned with the jewels … Continue reading

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et två tre fyra

Ordnign och reda, which I’ll translate as “order and synonym-for-order”, is an important concept in Sweden. And, indeed, I find the country remarkably orderly. For example: I went and saw The Tallest Man on Earth perform in Stockholm last Friday. … Continue reading

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Open letter to Sen. John McCain

I’m not in the habit of writing letters to my elected representatives–if only because I generally prefer watching movies or climbing mountains to writing letters, and I certainly do not expect any letter to make one lick of difference. (Want … Continue reading

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Start Shouting

At a stoplight yesterday I pulled up behind a car with an “Ouck Fbama” bumper sticker, and I just about lost my shit. There might have been an incident of road rage, if not for Sagar being in the car, … Continue reading

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Weird Expectations

Going home in invariably weird. Or, at least feels weird.  Inevitably, the conversation, at some point, turns to “how weird is it that …” How weird is it that Brandon is married? How weird is that we all have real … Continue reading

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Scottsdale vs. The World

A list: what makes Scottsdale unlike anywhere else I’ve lived: Nobody cleans their own house. Or mows their own lawn Nobody changes their own oil–much less does their own auto repair There’s a dry cleaners in every shopping complex There … Continue reading

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