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The Measure of Happiness

A letter arrived yesterday from the Social Security Administration. Making an exception to my usual mail-handling approach of letting letters wither, unopened, in a heap, I opened this government agency notice hastily. Instead of the bad news I expected (“Dear … Continue reading

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The Return

I’m still settling into my return to America. I’m slowly readjusting to the idea of readily available high-quality coffee, to the superabundance of cheap, high quality food (there’s a paradox: the daily staples of an East African diet can be … Continue reading

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Reading Out of Africa

Ask an American of colonial East Africa, and doubtless images from Out of Africa will come to mind. And, appropriately so. Set aside unhelpful-if-not-unfair “liberal” objections to the “romanticization” of colonialism, and you can gain some appreciation for an enterprise … Continue reading

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2012: Year in Review

2012 was a good year, full of activity. This spring I canyoneered or climbed or adventured almost every weekend until moving from Phoenix in May. Then, I travelled to Sweden, and throughout the Rocky Mountains until September. In September, I … Continue reading

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Rewriting the Gospel (a.k.a. Wikipedia)

It snowed last night. Only about an inch–but it’s cold, so that inch will likely stick through the day. What an amazing place I live. The snow comes to ME. I don’t have to GO anywhere to see snow. Rode … Continue reading

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Going Native

After two decades away, I’ve returned to Colorado. That seems a little silly to say, given that I’m only 26. But, I must have been born with something of Colorado in my blood, in that Fort Collins hospital, all those … Continue reading

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Written Identity

The English language affords three primary ways of claiming identity: I ______ (verb). E.g. I swim. I am ______ (adjective). E.g. I am tall. I am a/the ______ (noun). E.g. I am a swimmer. In written English, one establishes and … Continue reading

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On Life, Expectations, and America

Imagine that, in life, one paints oneself (or one’s life, rather) upon a canvas. One paints legs of adolescense. A torso of family and career. Arms of offspring, accomplishments. A head formed at leisure in retirement, crowned with the jewels … Continue reading

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et två tre fyra

Ordnign och reda, which I’ll translate as “order and synonym-for-order”, is an important concept in Sweden. And, indeed, I find the country remarkably orderly. For example: I went and saw The Tallest Man on Earth perform in Stockholm last Friday. … Continue reading

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Open letter to Sen. John McCain

I’m not in the habit of writing letters to my elected representatives–if only because I generally prefer watching movies or climbing mountains to writing letters, and I certainly do not expect any letter to make one lick of difference. (Want … Continue reading

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