My day so far:

1) Breakfast w/ J & J. Coffee, orange juice, eggs, hashbrowns, etc.
2) Walk to AJ’s with J, J, T, M, M & N for second breakfast. Coffee, upside down cake, three-cup Pepsi Challenge (that one study Gladwell cites is right–none of the three of us were able to correctly identify all three cups!).
3) Talk to Chris.
4) Drive Tory’s race car. 425 horsepower. Four-point racing harness. Chrome exhaust pipes bolted on either side. Man, what a ride!
5) Sell my motorcycle for asking price in 10 minutes flat.
6) Go to shooting range (“The Scottsdale Gun Club”) with Tory. We go through 4 cases of 9mm rounds in ~30 minutes. I just saw every gun you can buy in Counter-Strike–and so many more!
7) Day dream about my soon-to-be WRX (I hope!).
8) Arrive at office. Inspect demolition of x-ray room. Neato! I should have been a builder.
9) Reprogram a rouge thermostat (you really have to get EVERY ONE, or you have one hero that tries to cool the entire 13,300 square foot facility).
10) Intentionally set off burglar alarm.
11) Wait to see if anyone notices…

Edit: Someone noticed.

12) Get pulled out of building at gun point. Like six-guns-and-an-assault-rifle gun point. Handcuffs, etc.

I notified the security company that it was a test–but apparently I forgot to notify everyone passing by.

This is good, though. My goal was to test the security of the building–and my test indicates that the building is, in fact, very secure!

About Mark Egge

Two truths and a lie: Mark Egge is an outdoor enthusiast, opera singer, and a transportation data scientist. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.
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