your fever will all be around

The SUB Theatre projection booth redesign began today.

It’s curious– the above probably means very little to all except for one or two. But for me … it means the world. For me, the above is … ah. It’s for me. And I’ll leave it at that. And I’ll sleep oh-so-well tonight. (That is, if I ever get to bed…)

Saw No Country for Old Men again yesterday. And it seems that I was right: it’s one hell of a movie.

The semester is starting to wrap up. I have one more take-home final to finish, a final exam to proctor at 8 am on Wednesday, and a final exam to take on Friday. Certainly, this semester hasn’t been an unequivocal success. I think last fall was… but not this semester.

Nevertheless, I’ll have a few things I’m proud of. And a few regrets to remember, or forget. But I’ll take that.

Andrew seemed to be fighting with his dinner tonight, as it fried in that frying pan that never seems to leave the stove. “You doin’ alright, Andrew” I asked. “Cooking is a battle,” he told me, as he managed to flip his egg–with a bit of a “hurrah!” “They told me to read The Joy of Cooking,” he continued, after a minute. “But I read The Art of War instead.”

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2 Responses to your fever will all be around

  1. Sagar1586 says:

    yeah. it was amazing. and also incredible. and if i ever get a silenced shotgun, i’m going to become an assassin.

  2. Upidivl says:

    Typical and awesome Andrew quote!