the end of the snowball…

It seems I survived the week. Whoo!

Actually, in terms of academics, this was a rather uninteresting dead week. That’s fortunate, though.

The “big” Procrastinator meeting happened Friday morning. I haven’t had a night where I was unable to sleep … for years. Literally. I think State Mock Trial, junior year, was probably the last night I wasn’t able to sleep because my mind wouldn’t stop churning away at the next day. But Thursday night, I didn’t sleep. I spent 6 hours in my bed… rolling over and looking at the clock, periodically… each time resolving that in another 15 minutes, if I wasn’t asleep, I’d pull out a book.

Then, it was 6:00 am and I was up … it was 7:15 am and I was in the ASMSU office with coffee, scones, piles of paper. It was 8:02 am, and Tegan and I were walking in to the conference room with all the Student Facilities Enhancement Project key players present, and the lead architect and AV consultant present, via teleconference. At 10:00 pm, I was walking out of the conference room … head muddied in a swirl of feelings: elation, concern, gratitude. The conclusion seemed firm: the “key players” were “on-board” to fix the projection booth. The architects were ready to go, and Tom Stump was ready, after a 10:30 am meeting, to “pull the trigger” to get them started.

Whether this happened or not, I haven’t been told not. Until then, I’m holding my breath. But hey– at least I get to be a student again. The last two weeks have averaged to 40 hrs / week with the Procrastinator.

Saw the new Coen brothers film last night– No Country For Old Men. I’m so glad that I saw it in theaters. The film has such incredible texture and rich detail–viewing on any less than a 40′ screen with 5.1 digital sound would deprive the film of much of its greatness. I didn’t enjoy the “plot line” very much, but the vast panoramas of Texan prairie, the intimate close-ups of faces rugged with stubble and years of struggle… yaar. It was good. It was better than good. It will certainly be nominated for best director, probably best actor and supporting actor… screen play (adapted), perhaps … cinematography?

that thought isn’t working. what-ev

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