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…she sells shoes by the shoe-shell shore?

Working two (two and a half? three?) jobs this summer was a rough. But I managed. For the most part. =) My morning routine is (and has been for years) something not unlike this: I wake up (generally a half … Continue reading

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The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze..

In case you didn’t already know, I’m in Bozeman these days. Three days in, I’m mostly settled and partially unpacked. I’m living in Quad D this year, 30 feet from Quad E of freshman year. Speaking of freshman, I’m living … Continue reading

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Yes, but it’s still Sunday!

Well, it was bound to happen– amazingly, it’s taken all summer. I woke up late for work today. By late, I mean that when I woke, I was already late for my shift. Fortunately, my schedule at B&B this summer … Continue reading


The End of Days

Paul Simon sings that “these are the days of miracles and wonders.” Yeah. Well, are they? Me? I sing: “these days have been / another senseless whirlwind.” Without purpose, without intention, but with no shortage unfulfilled purposes and abandoned intentions. … Continue reading

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The Cold War II?

I realized tonight that there exists a tenuous but disturbing parallel between the early years of the Cold War and the current situation in the Middle East. Although there was never any direct (“hot”) military conflict between the United States … Continue reading


The Derelict Cart

There was once a run-away, hanging around Papa John’s. Being the concerned citizen I am, I immediately to locate the parent or guardian– not much of a challenge, even from thirty meters, with respect to the cart’s bright red plastic … Continue reading