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On Life, Expectations, and America

Imagine that, in life, one paints oneself (or one’s life, rather) upon a canvas. One paints legs of adolescense. A torso of family and career. Arms of offspring, accomplishments. A head formed at leisure in retirement, crowned with the jewels … Continue reading

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et två tre fyra

Ordnign och reda, which I’ll translate as “order and synonym-for-order”, is an important concept in Sweden. And, indeed, I find the country remarkably orderly. For example: I went and saw The Tallest Man on Earth perform in Stockholm last Friday. … Continue reading

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Customs customs

I flew to Stockholm by way of Mexico City and Frankfurt. (Frankfurt, at least, makes sense.) Arriving in Mexico City, I completed two Customs forms. After deplaning, I presented these to a dour official with limited English, and discovered that, … Continue reading

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