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The Tallest Man On Earth

The Tallest Man On Earth is actually not so tall. In fact, at five foot six or so, he’s rather unpreposessing. But just wait until you hear him sing. If you haven’t listened to The Tallest Man On Earth, you … Continue reading

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Volunteering: It Doesn’t Pay!

I suppose one needs to find the correct balance between work and … everything else. At the moment 60 hours a week seems about right. And, you’d better believe I’m getting paid for every hour I work. And that makes … Continue reading

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Notes From a Journey to Spain

A friend wrote me, noting that the first part of my address–9226 E Via de Vaquero–sounds as though I could live in Spain. A lovely thought, indeed. But Scottsdale is no Spain. Both for better, and for worse. It’s different … Continue reading

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