Boring Post About Recent Accomplishments

Finally, in the last week of this semester, I’m … finished with all my lingering projects from last semester!

Let’s review:

My Motorbike! Huzzah!
Motorcycle in front of the Bridgers
(My motorbike, on a ride up Bridger Canyon, this October. 24 Oct 2008)

This project actually dates back to last July. For those who don’t know, I bought the bike on ebay from a dealership in El Paso, and proceeded to drive it back to Bozeman. And … I actually made all the way to Main Street before the cylinder head blew up, and I had to get towed home. (Thanks, Kimbree!)

By the end of August, I’d rebuilt the head. Everything back together, I managed to go about five miles, before it died, and I again had to get towed back home.

Eight months later, I isolated and replaced the broken carburetor boot, and was running again. Or … kind of. The bike was also literally spewing motor oil out of the top of the head.

So, another four months later, I finally figured out that I was missing a couple o-rings, tore the head apart, installed new seals, put everything back together and … lo and behold, everything worked! Just in time for things to get cold!

… Unfortunately, it’s rather on the brink again, after I dropped it on some ice a few weeks ago and broke my shifter off.

My Loft! Huzzah!
My loft in my bedroom(My loft, newly installed in my bedroom. 5 Nov 2008.)

Some time last spring, I decided what I needed to help get out of my bed in the mornings was a loft. So … I went to my local lumber store, bought some wood, and set to work … planing, sanding, staining and varnishing.

Needless to say, I never actually finished my loft at the old house. But, a month ago, I installed a loft in my current room. It’s cave-like and … wonderful. Mmm.

My Hist 505 final paper. Huzzah!
Wallace Comparative Review

After six months, I’ve finally finished my last paper for my History 505 class from last spring. Good heavens … I don’t understand what it was such a monumental project but … alas. It’s done, now!

My Econ 480 final paper. Huzzah!
A Coasian Analysis of Noise Pollution at Montana State University

Despite having, possibly, the lamest title I’ve ever given a paper, I’m quite proud of what I’ve put together.

The paper, written for an Econ seminar with Prof. Rob Fleck (last spring…), applies the Coase Theorem to the case of noise pollution emitted by my wonderful (ack…) university, Montana State University.

And so … approaching finals week of Fall 2008, I’m finally done with all of the lingering projects from Spring 2008.

Best, though, is that I’m also basically caught up on assignments from this semester. Which means … Christmas break is going to be nice.

As a last wonderful note, I’m starting to see some considerable improvement with my back. I’m seeing a new physical therapist (Dr. Milica Livesay), who–though it hurts!–is doing wonders. I’ve gained more motion and comfort in the last two weeks than the two months prior.

Whoo! Here’s to a good ski season!

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Two truths and a lie: Mark Egge is an outdoor enthusiast, opera singer, and a transportation data scientist. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.
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