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Some Dime-Store Hooker…

So … I’ve made it to the end of another semester. Yet another semester? It snowed today. Snowed inches and inches … doing its damnedest to suffuse Bozeman in a while blanket of peace and quiet. A Christmas miracle, really–every … Continue reading


Back Status Update. Good News!

Joyous exaltations! No–not about Christmas (I still, decidedly, don’t like the holiday!)–but about my back. I started with a new physical therapist (Dr. Milica Livesay, if anyone in Bozeman needs a good one) about a month ago. Though I’ve come … Continue reading

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Despite just playing four hours of Rock Band, I feel old.

You know you’ve been playing Rock Band too long when you look around and the room is scrolling up. At first, at the end of a song, I thought that the screen itself was scrolling up … but then I … Continue reading

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Boring Post About Recent Accomplishments

Finally, in the last week of this semester, I’m … finished with all my lingering projects from last semester! Let’s review: My Motorbike! Huzzah!(My motorbike, on a ride up Bridger Canyon, this October. 24 Oct 2008) This project actually dates … Continue reading

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